Enjoying the Pause

Our decisions determine which direction our lives will go, but there are times outside influences and circumstances cause the path to meander a bit. Since we have been RVing full time the past six years, the biggest lesson I’ve learned is going with the flow.

I am a creature of habit and routine. I function best when things are going according to the agenda. It’s not smooth sailing in RV life, though. Reservations get canceled, unexpected repairs may pop up, or a family issue will necessitate a sudden change in direction. These revisions are way out of my comfort zone, but I’ve learned to embrace the lesson in those last-minute modifications. I do grow as a human when I step outside of the normal everyday routine, even when I do it kicking and screaming.

For the last several months, we’ve taken a pause in our traveling. The RV will start rolling again in the month of December, but I’ve enjoyed the brief interlude. We purchased a home-base lot on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and added boating and fishing to our list of hobbies. It’s in a beautiful coastal area where small town living does still exist, there’s no mass influx of tourists, and peace and quiet is a staple. We also experience the dolphins frolic in our boat wake on our way to a favorite fishing spot.

This small pause has shifted my mindset, adjusted my personal goals, and given me the opportunity to discover and pursue untapped talents and new motivation. Storms will still appear on the horizon and plans will inevitably change, but it’s always nice to pause and gather strength for the battles ahead.


  1. Life is full of sudden changes. Family and friends get married, divorced, sick and die on schedules that are not of our making. Other accidents can derail our plans as well. RVing just adds the extra excitement (?) of RV particular miscues. People do wonder how I can remain placid and even jovial when facing a breakdown. I view it as an opportunity for a new experience even if it means cancelling plans made long ago.

  2. As a life long Washingtonian, I would love to hear more about life on the gulf coast. Everything I’ve read about it, seems to be in my wheelhouse. Please share what that looks like. Do’s vs don’t. Hurricanes *shudder*

    1. While I’m sure your landscape (or oceanscape) is much more scenic, the Gulf Coast offers the same saltwater therapy. Those hurricanes–we are in the same location where Katrina made a direct hit (although New Orleans got the credit for it through the national news), which is why we choose to have our home on wheels. We can skiddadle at the first inkling of a storm brewing. It’s a secret undiscovered coastal area, and I hope it stays that way. I’ll do a future blog on the area with some photos. We hope to make coastal Washington some day–it’s on the bucket list for sure.

  3. Can’t believe it’s been six years already! Nice to hear that you are doing pretty okay. I’ll be having a home base is nice. Thanks for the update!

  4. I’m glad you are loving this new chapter of having more options and a home base. When we visited in Sept, I told Steve, I’ve never seen you and Mike happier. Adaptation is key to the journey. HMMH

  5. I’m so glad you found a home base. To enjoy the boating and fishing sound lovely. As a former full-timer I can totally relate. We’ve been sans RV for a year now and while it is still challenging, it’s also wonderful to enjoy new hobbies and new lifestyle, the adventure never stops, it just changes venue. Blessings my friend.

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