YIKES! Did I Just Do That?

I was surprised that Yikes really is a word.  It means an exclamation of surprise or alarm.

That’s what I said today as I set into motion a decision we’ve been planning for the last two years.  I put in my official e-mail of intention to retire.  We are getting ready to move into our RV and travel, but I have to wait until my 30th anniversary at work to be eligible to retire.  December 29 is the magical day.

Thirty years at the same health facility has brought with it the usual office politics, dealing with both good and bad management, and a certain boredom with the same-old, same-old.  The job has also been personally rewarding.  The income kept me afloat when I divorced and became a single mother, and it allowed me to provide a safe and secure home for my daughter during her growing up years.  I also poured a lot of heart and soul, time, and hard work into the institution in return for earning that living.  Over the years, they have changed insurance coverages, made promises they didn’t keep, and taken away incentive pay.  It’s been a love/hate relationship.  As much as I will miss the security of a full-time reliable job, I’m looking forward to parting ways.

My original thought was, “Yikes, what did I just do?”  The dream is well on it’s way to being realized.  There’s no turning back now.

Then, “No, really, what did I just do?”  After December there is no getting up at 4:30 a.m., doing the first-thing-in-the-morning rush items, doing the same old routine, and dealing with a hover-manager just waiting to pounce on a mistake.  I’ll have to rediscover my whole purpose and reinvent a much more relaxed routine, which will hopefully improve my RA.

Then it was, “Yee-haw.  Bye, bye, bitches!”  Finally, the excitement.  These next few months are going to go by quickly, and I just have to stay focused.  It’s going to be an amazing day when I walk out of work into a new beginning.

Next chapter?  Bring it on.



  1. It’s amazing how you survived those long years of working with just one company. I’m more than excited for your upcoming new beginning thingy. And the yikes did the trick! Nice post.

  2. How exciting! Very very best of luck with your plans. I’m two years away from being able to take my first pension, and giving some serious thought to the next phase of my life too. Hopefully it will involve more time for writing and keeping up with the people I’ve met blogging. X

      1. You’re very kind, thank you. I’ve found it easier to write when I’m at home on my own. Otherwise there’s too much distraction. Good luck with your writing!

  3. Congrats! I worked for a medical group for 18 years and though that was the 1st 18 years of my working career, I so remember the changes and what it was like with decreasing benefits and micro-managing. Every day I give thanks that I have been able to sustain our family with my transcription from home business for the last 15 years. While we don’t plan to give up our home and live in a trailer, one of our goals is to do a lot of traveling when we can both retire. I’ll be looking forward to your escapades. Hope you will share them. I had fun reading you with this A to Z Challenge!

    1. What’s really funny is they are seeing if they can let me do it on the road part time (transcription). That would be awesome to keep on a few more years. I know a girl who wanted to travel with her truck driver husband and she did transcription from the road. Interesting concept, but I’m not sure yet. Thank you for reading!

  4. Congratulations! I have a few years to go, but many of my colleagues have retired and i think i even heard “Yikes” at the sheer energy involved in choosing the date for retirement itself!
    Wishes for many happy adventures!

  5. Good for you! You’ve created a plan for your life and you’re putting it into action! How exciting!

    …and scary! It’s one thing to plan and make preparations, when it comes to pulling the trigger and doing it, many will balk and make excuses!

    You’re doing it! Kudos!!

  6. I am so excited for you and a little bit jealous! What I wouldn’t give to retire and tour the country! With my student loan debt, however, I will be working til the day I day, I just hope I don’t die at work. The whole job thing, bad management, cutting benefits and such I can relate to! Walmart is half the great company it used to be. Sam Walton would be really disappointed for sure! Seriously Sis, I wish you all the best in your next chapter in life! You deserve it! Many hugs! Love you!!

  7. I love reading about this transition for you. My family bought an RV one summer when we were homeless! But, it was the best memories for all of us! I loved the freeing feeling of selling the stuff we owned to fit in the small space of an RV! Have fun and keep writing!

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