Tour of Our RV and Personal Touches that Make It Home

Patrick of The Paddy Wagon recently filmed a tour of our home on wheels.    He did a wonderful job.  Please like and subscribe to his YouTube channel.  His full-time RV living experience is entertaining, informative, and he covers a lot of issues for RVers.



The newer RVs, while undoubtedly beautiful, usually have benign color schemes.  I love to view YouTube and blogs for people who have bought older RVs, gutted them, and decorated them with their personal style and interior design skills.  It’s amazing to see the transformations and beautiful outcomes at their completion–works of art as well as a place to call home.  I do not possess those design talents.  I’ve never been a style guru–I bend towards the eclectic side with everything mismatched and functional.  So bear with my lack of style while viewing the personal touches I’ve used to make our RV feel like home.

I am a collector of pictures.  I have tint-types my great grandmother gave me as well as hundreds of childhood pictures–from my own and from our children.  We obviously can’t take them with us, so I found a way to display special ones while serving a second function (dual functionality is important in RV living).   Through Snapfish, there are lovely throws I could create from family pictures.  They came out gorgeous.  They are warm, soft, and and I can see the girls and relive family memories every time I’m chilly or relaxing and watching TV.

We display smaller items the girls made for us, such as a wall hanging with a meaningful saying from one of our trips to Disney, a handmade pot for mother’s day on the bathroom counter, and a piece of art created for an art class exhibited as a picture on the fridge.

We have other keepsakes that were given to us by special friends.  There is a cross made from olive tree wood from Israel, an angel depicting freedom, and our resident Jimmy Buffet bobblehead who sang the iconic song from which our rig was named.

I changed up the bedding and chose something bright and happy.  It is also easy to make each morning and simple to clean.  Along with it are decorative storage boxes and wise words for every marriage.

There are other touches that make it home–wall art, decorations for the half-bath, and our refrigerator magnets.  We also use a handmade afghan that was a wedding present, a plaque given to us by a niece, and small keepsakes and cards I keep in a closet jewelry hanger.

We have a small space, but we’ve made it uniquely ours.  The mismatched memorabilia has deep meaning to us and helps create our safe haven.

No matter where or what ‘home’ is or whatever pretties we wish to incorporate in them, the real meaning of home is the people with which we live and those who reside in our hearts.

Thank you, Patrick, for showcasing our home on wheels.

Until we meet on the road, safe travels.

With much love, Dawn


  1. Love your rig! From the outside colors to the fireplace & “L” shaped sofa inside! Your floor plan is similar to ours, but much nicer. We don’don’t have the fireplace or stackable washer/dryer. We aren’t full timers either. I just wish we could travel more. We keep our 2 youngest grandbabies and I can’t get hubby to leave them. Just hoping for a few weekend trips in south GA north FL for a while. Lots to see around here. HUGS~Donna

    1. We are from the Jacksonville, FL, area and we love the state parks in Georgia! General Coffey is one we particularly love. We don’t have grandbabies yet, but I can see how hard that would be to leave behind–not sure where our three kids will all settle, but it works for us now being able to travel where they are. I hope you get to travel a little more, too! It’s so important to get away and unwind. Thanks for reading, Donna. HUGS to you, too!

  2. I just came across your blog via RVillage and have enjoyed what I’ve read so far! My husband and I are in the process of going full-time. We are down to the final two months, but have a LOT to do yet! We’ve ordered a Newmar Ventana 3709 which is about the same size as your Tuscany. Loved the video tour! Thank you for sharing your full time experiences – I’m sure I’ll be visiting your blog often! Perhaps some day our paths will cross!

    1. I hope our paths do cross. The next 2 months are going to be crazy and stressful, but hang in there. It’s totally worth it. You will have to share pictures of your new home! Let me know if you start a blog! (and friend me on RVillage) It would great to meet on the road and hear about your process. Dawn

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