I Love You More – Happy Love Day

I’m not entirely sure when I started using the phrase, “I love you more.”  It may have been from my dear and sweet friend of more than 30 years and I adopted it as my own.  I’ve written it in every card and birthday greeting, said it at the end of phone calls, typed it in texts, and whispered at night to my husband before we go to sleep.

Sometimes, it’s meant as a fun competitive statement which becomes playful banter.  My daughter and I have taken it way past any grammatically correct statements:

“I love you more.”

“I love you mostest.”

“I love you most-er-ister.”

“I love you mostest-er-ister-istist.”

“I love you mostest-er-ister-istist-ister.”

Competition aside, there’s a specific meaning for the phrase.  It means I love the person more than they could ever imagine.  It means they are a part of my heart and no arguments, actions, or behaviors will ever change how much I love them (even if they don’t love me back).  When I say, “I love you more,” it’s because I do–no matter what life may throw at us or how our relationship evolves or dissipates.

I received the following photograph in an unsolicited ad on Facebook.  This beautiful piece of art pretty much summed up, “I love you more.”


I try my best to express love every single day, but I did make a couple special Valentine’s Day cards this year.   Creating handmade cards is a new hobby for me, so please look past the rookie mistakes.

My first try at a shaker card.  It’s a strange Valentine’s sentiment, but the humor will be unequivocally appreciated by the recipients. 
A sweeter (more appropriate) version of the shaker card–for a dear friend.


No matter what sentiments, idiosyncrasies, or inside jokes we use to express our love, we need to tell the people around us how much they enrich our lives and what they mean to us every chance we get.  An extra special “I love you more” on Valentine’s Day is definitely okay.

If you’re reading this–I appreciate you more.  I wish you more.  I thank you more.

My friends and family–I love you more.  You know this.  I always have.  I always will.


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  1. Dawn, this post is so beautiful . You put into words exactly how I feel when I say to you “I love you more “you are a Precious and wonderful friend and I think God for the blessing of having you in my life every day. You matter where you Travel to my heart always goes with you, and yes my sweet friend, I do love you more.

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  2. Dawn you did it again! Beautifully written article and those cards are just the best! Much love to you and yours each and every day! ❤️

  3. Your cards are beautiful, especially the birds-heart one. Your words, too, are beautiful.

    When our eldest daughter was little, her dad and I would say, “I love you more than pizza!” Now we are saying that to her daughter.

  4. I enjoyed your “love you more” sentence.

    Two of my dearly loved people had a typo from me — muck love instead of much love. Now we often sign off with Muck Love.

  5. Love this! I saved the photo of the “I Love You More” plaque to surprise J in a text while he’s at work. Your cards are lovely.

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