DAWN – The Most Beautiful Time of Day


My back yard sits on a small lake and faces the east.    I take great joy to time my second cup of coffee around dawn when the rising sun fills the sky with brilliant colors.

When the lake is smooth, it reflects a mirror image of the radiant palette that only God can create.  Occasionally, there is a soft wind blowing and the colors from the sky above move and change as the water ripples.


Sometimes the geese and ducks leave a triangular trail behind them as they glide across the luminosity of the water, catching different hues and nuances and casting a glow like prisms.  The widening ripples from a splashing fish gives depth and character to the beautiful view.





There is always a different scene, a myriad of colors, and with it a promise of a new day.  One that is full of possibilities and hope.


  1. Those are some beautiful pictures. I’m sure experiencing this in real time helps calm down the stresses in life. Wishing you many happy sunrises.

  2. You are so lucky to have such a view! I always marvel at the world’s beauty around us! I have enjoyed the view so much more since moving back to Ohio. It is a beauty I took for granted when I lived here before. Texas has its beauty as well but here the grass is so much greener, literally. The sky seems bluer too and changing weather always makes me appreciate this beautiful
    planet on which are blessed to live! Much love, Dawn! Let that ink flow!

    1. I love the stars when I go “up home.” There are so many lights here that they aren’t as brilliant. I also love the fall. I’m not a city girl, at all. Give me the fresh country air, some woods, sunrises and night skies, and I’m a happy girl. Thanks for reading, Russ. Love you!

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