Alabama, Sweet Alabama

Exit 53 off Interstate 10

Our first day of RVing was challenging, but we survived the Cummins dealer relatively unscathed with a DEF valve that needed replaced under warranty.  Finally, the wheels were rolling and we were making tracks.  We couldn’t help but look at each other and grin–this was our new reality.  We were beginning our first adventure.


We arrived at the Hilltop RV Park in Robertsdale, Alabama, (off Exit 53 on I-10) on Saturday night and set up camp in the freezing temperatures from a freak winter storm.  Mike and I have gotten in a productive groove and can be settled in a fairly short amount of time.  He completes the outside tasks with the hookups and detaching the golf cart and car off the trailer while I work on the inside making it warm and homey.  When the chores are done, Lexie, our 110-pound bullmastiff, gets to take her first walk and mark her new territory. Since it was in the 20s, her foray into dog-sniff heaven was extremely brief.

Patrick from The Paddy Wagon

Mike and I have been planning this lifestyle change for the past three years.   We have researched every possible avenue to gain information on the problems, challenges, and joys of living full time on the road.  YouTube was exponentially valuable in obtaining experience from others loving the life.  One of our favorite vloggers, Patrick from The Paddy Wagon, has inspired us by his own personal journey into RVing full time.  He was also staying at the Hilltop, and it was our honor to talk to him face-to-face and exchange stories and inspiration.  He is such a warm and friendly guy.  It’s hard not to be a total fangirl and bug him endlessly, but we are trying to respect his time.

the-hilltop3Spending a week at this quiet little RV park will allow us to decompress from getting the house prepared for the next family, ridding ourselves of all of our extraneous “stuff,” and for Mike to adjust to working from the RV.  It’s also a chance for me to rethink organization and storage solutions in our new home and to establish a tentative routine without signing in and out of work.

We are loving the adventure.  Even though we have a long way to go to call ourselves pros at this, the journey is still pretty cool.  We are learning from our experienced friends, our own blunders and successes, and through random bits of trial and error (a play on words for the blog).  Thanks for being part of our passage from one chapter into the next.



  1. Reading with much interest as this was one of the things hubby and I wanted to do as well, although we were not going to seriously give up our home, just get an RV and take extended road trips. Plus, I would be the one working on the road.

    1. It all starts as just a dream. We didn’t fully give up the house, but we rented it out with the intention of eventually selling. Hubby works from the road like a champ (all the technical stuff is in line),and I will too in the future. I just early retired, so will take a few months off before I start in again. We watched YouTube (like The Paddy Wagon) so we could learn everything we could. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you do in your adventure. Take care. Dawn

  2. Just grinning as I read your blog…enjoy those adventures and we will enjoy the trip via your posts. 😊 Hugs! Sharon

  3. I love the story of your journey. Very similar to our own! Ours too started as a dream, and then youtube research, there is so much information out there! We just started our channel about 2 months ago and we went to Florida first, then Alabama and now Texas. RVing sure is interesting. Cheers!

    1. I’ve been reading your blog and have subscribed to your YouTube channel! How exciting. Not sure how long you are in the Houston area, but maybe we could meet up for dinner some evening. Loving the life so far (it’s the first week). Looking forward to keeping up with your adventures. Dawn

      1. That would be wonderful! We love meeting other RVers, I feel like we learn so much every time we talk to someone! Thank you so much for following b our journey! We can’t wait to hear more from ya’ll!

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