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o 2There’s this little pizza joint in Branson, Missouri, called Rocco’s Pizza and Subs.  It’s tucked off the road in a home setting at 2722 State Highway 248.  It’s small, quaint, easily affordable, and they make the best New York pizza we’ve ever had.

Rocco’s is family owned and they are committed to serving pizza and other entrees with the freshest ingredients, including cheese that is grated daily.   As their website states, “Everything is hand made, hand tossed, and hand delivered.”  They live up to that statement, 100 percent.  With the affordable prices and delicious food, it was our go-to for pizza pickup and dining-in at least twice a week during the two months we spent in Missouri.

Matt was our waiter on the evenings we dined in.  He delivered impeccable service and was personable in a quick-witted, smart-ass-y way that was endearing and entertaining.  We enjoyed his company almost as much as we enjoyed the pizza and other offerings.  He greeted all of the customers personally and knew tidbits about their personal lives that made everyone feel welcomed.  He also kept calm, cool, and collected during the busy dinner hours.  He had a brilliant social game that wasn’t a game–he was genuine and he believed in and delivered Rocco’s mission all the way.

I recommend visiting Rocco’s at the beginning of a Branson stay.  It’s a family-oriented business that is budget friendly and delivers outstanding food.  Skip the kitschy restaurants big on bling and visual appeal.  They have high tourist-trap prices and delivered less-than-lackluster food.

Rocco’s was a sweet little oasis who delivered delectable tastes and top-notch service at a fair price.

Honest.  Try it.  In my opinion, it’s the best Italian fare Branson has to offer.

Where We Are:  Austin, TX  Where We’re Headed:  Jacksonville, FL  Location of Blog Post:  Branson, MO

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  1. Real NY pizza is something we have missed since moving to DelMarVa peninsula 30 years ago. Whenever you find that one special place it’s good to make a mental note. Note made should we ever hit Branson.

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