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Every class A owner knows there will come a day when the windshield needs replaced.  We got a couple of minor dings in our travels, but on the way from Jacksonville, Florida, to Quartzsite, Arizona, we got a small ding that quickly turned into a crack.


Like any vehicle, it’s unsafe to travel with cracks in the windshield.  Lucky for us, there was a mobile windshield replacement service in Quartzsite.  Nomad Glass was making a round in our campground and Mike was able to speak to them about our windshield.  They contacted the insurance company, ordered the windshield after approval, and set up an appointment to replace the glass around Mike’s work schedule–and they came to us.  Since Florida is our place of residence, there was no insurance deductible, so the windshield replacement was no cost.

I was inside the motorhome while Mike watched and filmed the process from outside.  It was quite weird seeing men outside the vast window, but it was interesting to see how the replacement was done.  They were quick and efficient and didn’t mind being filmed or having photos taken.

They used suction cups to hold the windshield in place while they worked at removing the adhesive holding it secure.
The adhesive was tedious to remove, but they diligently kept working it until they were able to remove the window.
They had to be sure all adhesive was removed before attempting to take the windshield down.
There was still a small section adhered, which caused a bigger crack when trying to remove the glass.
Out with the old – and an invigorating cool gust of early Arizona morning air.
Mike waving from outside through the non-existent windshield (along with a talkative neighbor giving lots of friendly advice to the windshield removal experts).
After applying new adhesive, in came our new window.  It took three men and six suction cups.
Once the window was replaced, they thoroughly washed it inside and out.  They recommended a full 24 hours for the adhesive to set before traveling.

We were very happy with the work from Nomad Glass.  They handled everything from insurance to installation.  Their customer service was prompt, they were willing to work around our schedule, and they came to our campsite.  They also replaced the cracked windshield on Mike’s pickup at the same time.

If you are interested in seeing Mike’s video of the whole process from start to finish, CLICK HERE.

Similar to living in a sticks and brick home, there is always something needing maintenance, upkeep, or preventative measures.  It’s nice when a company has the integrity and customer service to make the process a little easier.


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  1. We had to have ours replaced recently too. We took it to their shop but it was just close by. I’m sure the one on our car was much easier to install. Glad it worked out so well for you.

  2. Quite the process. I have probably mentioned before, but if you are ever in Kerrville, Tx and need RV repairs, LeMeilleur Truck and RV repair shop is the BEST.

  3. Glad it worked out well for you guys. So convenient that they could come to your coach. So far we never had to replace ours. We had a chip where they could stabilize the damaged spot. It seems to hold up fine. Crossing my fingers.

  4. We just had a replacement done. It started as a chip repair and it ran while the repair was being done. Had to drive from NM to CA with the crack. Tiffin windshield system is a gasket not adhesive. Total time on the job was 45 minutes with two men. Their truck had a platform that conformed to the front of our coach and they were able to adjust the height right to the bottom of the window.

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