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What could be better than a campground in the sprawling Verde Valley outside of Sedona, Arizona?  Nothing.  Especially when there is a winery next door.

Mike took vacation during our stay in Sedona, so we had plenty of opportunities to do some sight-seeing.  It was a treat since he doesn’t take off very often.  On the non-sight-seeing days, we hung out at the campground around our propane fire pit in the evenings.  Because of some mobility issues, we use a golf cart for longer jaunts throughout the campground and the lifted hardy tires allow for some off-roading.  Roy and Judy also have a souped up golf cart, so we would often take off and explore some of the dirt trails around the RV resort.

On one such early afternoon, we found this sign at the intersection of a rugged dirt road.


The road wound around a series of bluffs, rose and fell with a couple aggressive hills,  and opened up to a beautiful view of a vineyard.  Since we had nothing better to do, we steered the carts down the roadway to the Alcantara Vineyards and Winery.


The door opened to a comfortable home-like atmosphere with tables full of guests sipping wine and sharing conversation and laughter.  It was such a welcoming sight.

The entry into the winery.
Their award winning wines on display.

All the tables in the winery were filled, so Roy, Judy, Mike, and I went outside to the balcony.  We sat at a nice table with views of the vineyards and the chapel used for weddings.  We chose glasses of sweet red and white and loved it so much we ordered another round.


Since we’d skipped lunch and it wasn’t quite dinner time, we ordered a beautiful fruit, meat, and cheese tray which was delicious.


We sat for quite a while enjoying the wine, the snacks, and the company.  We told stories, laughed, and enjoyed our dear friends.


I’m not embarrassed to admit that ‘us old folks’ closed down the winery.  We slowly realized all was quiet except for our boisterous conversation and laughter.  Susie (photo below with Mike) didn’t kick us out at 5 o’clock, but we reluctantly accepted it was past time to go.


We enjoyed the service, the wine, and the surroundings.  We highly recommend everything this beautiful winery has to offer.   It was a memorable time out for the four of us–simply because we were good friends relishing in the relaxing afternoon together.

Close friends, superb wine, and wise advice etched on the glasses.



Until next time, safe travels.

P.S.  Thank you, Susie.  You made our visit special.  We hope to catch you next year.



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  1. You had me at “campground in Sedona next to a winery”. Perhaps I missed it, but what was the name of the cg? We’re intending on heading that way next spring.

    1. Oh, Lord! Leave it to me to leave that tiny detail out of this post (I think I put it in the Sedona post). It was Verde Valley Thousand Trails/Encore RV Resort in Cottonwood. It’s a beautiful campground, but has very little to no WiFi/internet/cell connection. It was a great place to totally unplug. Sedona is breathtaking!

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