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Saying goodbye to Sedona was sad.  We loved the area so much, but it was time to move on to the next stop (Las Vegas).  We wanted to spend the last afternoon in our favorite style–friends, nature, exploring, and relaxing.

I wrapped two bottles of chilled wine into a tote, packed the corkscrew, and Solo cups while Judy made sure the cooler was full of Roy’s favorite beverage.  Mike and Roy loaded up the lawn chairs and secured them to the back of the cart.  Off we went down the main entrance to the campground, down Thousand Trails Drive, and into the BLM camping area just down the road.  We slowly meandered past the campers at a reasonable speed so we didn’t ‘dust’ everyone, waving at the friendly ones as we drove by.   Just past the camping area there was a steep hill rounding a bluff.  We picked up speed and went all-out (about 25 miles an hour–we’re brave thrill-seekers).  We drove another mile through backcountry hills, surrounded by caverns, rocks, and desert.  We ended up at a spot we discovered earlier in the week–a quiet secluded area where the Verde River flowed gently over rocks and provided a clearing to enjoy the sounds and smells of nature.  We set up our chairs in a circle, opened the wine, and toasted to friendship, time together, and Sedona.

The road coming back from our secret spot.
A quiet place to talk and make new memories.
It also had relaxing sound effects.
Photo taken when we first found the spot a couple of days earlier.
Love this photo of Judy.

As the afternoon turned into evening and the wine was long since gone, we loaded the carts to head back home.


We paid homage to our visit in Sedona.  On the drive back to the campground, we were rewarded with a magical ethereal glow of a setting sun.


Love you, Sedona.  We can’t wait until next time.


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  1. Sounds like a wonderful evening. We know the exact spot you started out from, the BLM area at the end of Thousand Trails Drive. We spent winter 17 just down SR260 off Horseshoe Bend Drive. We’re back in OH visiting family, heading back up to Michigan early May. Drive safe.

    1. Hope you guys are having fun. We are headed to Ohio after a stop in Missouri (time with my daughter). Taking it slow and stopping in the town where my great grandparents grew up to do some genealogy research. Not sure if we are headed to Michigan to see Dad, yet or head back to Florida to take care of MD visits, etc.–we are so undecided this year! Travel safe!

  2. What a beautiful spot to spend an afternoon! Love the evening glow image. If I haven’t already said so, I’m definitely going to add Sedona to the “Must Visit” list!

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