Sunday Snapshots – Random Photos of the Week – 4/28/2019

Oh, I love my family.  While in Ohio, we recently celebrated a house closing, an impending retirement, and visitors from St. Louis.  Here’s my snapshot photos this week:

It was a chilly day visiting with family, but there were cherished moments sharing a meal prepared by everyone with tons of laughing and reminiscing.  My most favorite part was hugging my daughter (Dani) when she arrived from St. Louis.  Crazy may run in her genes (I freely admit it), but her fearlessness for heights does not, as the following photo shows:

421 sunday_003
My daughter randomly asked, “Can I climb on the roof?”
421 sunday_004
The struggle was in the climb.

My daughter shared a photo of Aaron (her special other) and her being “pollinators” at the St. Louis St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  They represented the Missouri Botanical Garden by dressing as bees, riding tricycles, and ‘pollinating’ the crowd with confetti.  Since Dani was the only female, they crowned her Queen Bee.

421 sunday_001

My ATC Group (artist trading cards) set the April theme for Awareness.  I didn’t have much time to make the cards because of the family visits, but I didn’t do too bad in the time allotted.  One is breast cancer and the other rheumatoid disease.

We arrived to Ohio in freezing temperatures and a little snow.  As the days flew by, we got to see the earth “springing” up.  This was on a flowering tree–I’m not quite sure what it is, but it’s pretty.   I hope it’s enough to keep the pollinators busy.


 What snapshots have you taken this week?  Did you enjoy time with family?



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  1. That’s a pretty fearless girl you’ve got there. I probably would have fallen and broken bones. Great ATC cards you made! Love the colors in the courage one. Thanks for sharing your snapshots!

    1. I would have fallen, too–I’m clumsy as all get out, and I’m afraid of heights. Thanks for looking at the ATCs. I’m nowhere near as talented and creative as you, but I love practicing. 🙂

  2. Sounds like your visit to Ohio was wonderful! I don’t know which picture I love more, Dani on the roof or Dani & Aaron as bees. I hope you are into some warmer weather now. Hugs and happy manatees!

    1. I would have loved seeing the “bees” on their tricycles in the parade. It had to be hilarious. They both enjoyed it immensely, though! We’ve had rain everywhere we’ve been for the last three months–I’m ready for some summer sunshine! Hugs and happy manatees to you, too!

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