Sunday Snapshots – Random Photos of the Week – 06/23/19

Here are my random photos of the week:

I saw this beautiful blooming tree on a recent visit to Ohio.  It was raining and gray, but the beautiful blossoms were a splash of color on an otherwise dreary day.


I know they are supposed to be a weed, but I love dandelions.  Even as an adult I can’t resist picking these and sending the little fluffs on the wind.



Here are more beautiful angels I spotted during a recent drive through large cemetery near my mother’s home.


My blogger friend, Janet, is a very creative and inspiring card maker and scrapbooker.  Her blog is Janet’s Smiles, and she recently shared a website she used for card making supplies.  They have a kit with an owl, cat, and dragonfly.  They send the supplies for making twelve cards, but the way they are used is up to the creator.  I needed all occasion notecards on hand to send as greetings and to give away as gifts, so I whipped these up with a little embossing and some simple ribbon.


I find making the cards very relaxing and a way to be creative.  They are also nice to give as gifts and to send as a just-because or quick hello.

What’s on YOUR camera this week?

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  1. I love seeing your photos. I’m definitely checking out those card sets, I bet those travel well in an RV? I’m stuck. My craft closet can’t come with me in our future 5th wheel. (Only a few months away.) I gave up my wreaths, glass containers that I decorate, oh… a bunch of crafting things, not conducive to small spaces and travel… but card making! I could do that. Your cards are gorgeous! Love this post! 😊💫

  2. Thanks so much for the mention! Your cards came out so pretty! It is nice to be able to have something on hand, isn’t it? I have to try the embossing. It is something I haven’t done much of yet.

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