Sunday Snapshots – Random Photos – Birdhouses – 09/08/19

My dad builds birdhouses.  He says it’s a hobby to “keep him busy,” although he still teaches full time at his local high school at age 75.  The outside of his home is decorated with different birdhouses he creates.  He gives them as gifts and sells when the opportunity arises.

Here’s a few in one of my stepmother’s flower gardens.


A log cabin which sits atop a post in the backyard.


A castle fit for the most discriminating of hungry birds.


This is another displayed in the front flower garden.


Below is a photo I grabbed of Dad when he was building a faux window frame for a wallhanging requested by my stepmom.


We spent a week at Dad’s recently.  He graciously hooked up 50 amp service and let us ‘moochdock’ (park with electricity) in his driveway.   I arose on the last morning of our visit and shared a cup of coffee with my dad as he worked in his shop.  He completed a small birdhouse for me while the two of us chatted.  He added a hook so we could hang it outside our motorhome when we are parked.  It was treat to visit Dad and watch as he measured carefully, cut the wood, and pieced it together before my very eyes.  I’m fairly certain it’s one of my most favorite moments spent with my dad.

Any snapshots of special moments in your photo library?

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  1. What a great story! I miss my dad a lot. He’s been gone over 35 years but there is still a lot I remember so well. He was a maker too, not of bird houses particularly but he had a shed/workshop that he built in the backyard and was always out there tinkering with something.

  2. When we lived in our sticks n bricks, I used to collect bird houses. What a great collection your dad has made, and I’m sure you’ll treasure that time spent with your dad.

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