Is Random Bits RV Going YouTube? – Full-Time RV Life

It’s true, we are adding another communication tool to describe our full-time RV life adventures.  We want to record our random bits of trial and error lessons learned on the road and share our incredible lifestyle.

I’m the behind-the-scenes, introverted writer type.  I’ve enjoyed creating blog entries on the places we have seen and the way it touches our lives and makes us grow.  Random Bits blog is more from a woman’s point of view.  I’m going to continue doing things just they way I have been because it’s my strength.   Mike is comfortable getting in front of a camera and verbally articulating his thoughts in a concise manner.  He doesn’t like writing so much.  To give perspective from both points of view, we are branching out into YouTube so Mike has his outlet for sharing our memories and experiences.   We are aiming towards having something to offer those that are considering this lifestyle as well as draw on the experiences of those that have been doing this far longer than us.

Here’s the trailer for the YouTube episodes to come.


Meanwhile, I will still be blogging pictures, telling stories, and providing some self-introspection on our adventures.  I’m looking forward to watching Mike’s take on the full-time RVing lifestyle and sharing his technical experience and other RV things I never share (aka the ‘practical’ stuff).  I hope you’ll subscribe and provide interaction.

As always, thank you for stopping by.

Safe travels, Dawn (and Mike).


  1. That’s awesome! You’ll be able to document all your travels and adventures on video and not just in writing and pictures. 😊👍

      1. Surprisingly, I’m finding instagram is my favorite. Guess I love the “real” time of it. And it’s SO much easier than the others. I’ve taken a break on a hike to take a picture and upload it on the spot. But my daughter tells me I need to use more #hashtags – and I find them rather annoying!

        1. The hashtags are annoying! Instagram is pretty fun–I’ve met so many people that way. We’ll see how YouTube goes–it was pretty fun. We just did our first real video (an introduction to follow up the teaser trailer). It’s sort of fun to edit the videos. When we were doing the great purge to move into the RV, I took all our VHS tapes and downloaded them to digital–then did movie shorts of the really important clips for the family. I really, really enjoyed doing that. New hobbies, for sure. 🙂 Safe travels to you!

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