New Introduction Video For Random Bits – Full-Time RV Life

Adding YouTube to our social media line-up for sharing our memories and experiences as a full-time RV couple has been interesting, to say the least.  It has been fun, though.  It was a good time getting in front of the camera and trying to sound like we know what we are doing.  We are not experts, but we can say with certainty what works for us.

We would be honored if you would take a look at our first official video (after the teaser trailer we released last week).  It’s a simple introduction and a recap of the last eight months on the road.  Will you comment on the YouTube video page to let us know what burning questions you would like addressed?  Maybe you want to know how we handle something in particular?  Is there as aspect of our lifestyle in which you’d like clarification?  Do you have questions about how we handle community and friendships?  Anything goes–your curiosity will give us fodder for material that interests people who are reading the blog or watching the videos.



We know your time is valuable and we intend to always respect that fact.  We thank you sincerely for giving us a chance to interact with fellow travelers and those that will soon be starting their own adventure.

We’ll see you on the road.

Until then, safe travels.  Dawn (and Mike)



  1. We watched the new video last night Dawn, thought you guys did a great job of it and it was cool to see the animated version of you (other than Paddy’s posts, of course). Looking forward to seeing more.

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    1. Thanks for watching. He’ll be addressing how he works in a future video, but he is a machine-to-machine cellular engineer and has been working for his company from home for years–so we took it on the road and he can work in the motorhome from anywhere we happen to be. Thanks to technology, many more people in other fields are able to do so, also.

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  2. Wow. Great video. I rarely (and I do mean rarely) watch youtube videos till the end, but yours had me watching the whole thing…twice. I wish we could do what you do…traveling the country in an RV but that is beyond us. Stay safe and take lots more film!

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