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We stayed for two months in the Branson, Missouri, area visiting family.  We stayed at America’s Best Campground as our home base to discover the area, enjoy the local life, and visit family.

Below is our experience and opinions of this RV resort.

PRICE POINT, CLEANLINESS, AND APPEARANCE:  The monthly rate was $575, which was reasonable for a tourist area.  There were Good Sam and veteran discounts available.  The park was clean, well-manicured, and very large.  The office was easily accessed upon check-in and check-out and had convenient hours for shopping and asking questions.

EASE OF ENTERING AND EXITING THE SITE AND ACCESS TO HOOKUPS:  Since our stay was on a monthly basis, we received a back-in site on the edge of the park.  It was quiet and nestled in some trees, and there was a reasonable distance from our neighbors.  The access to hookups was easy and leveling was a breeze.

AMENITIES/WI-FI:  The park had a small pool, a hot tub, playground for children with a basketball court, and a game room.  There were also bathhouses, restrooms, and laundry facilities that were all meticulously clean.  They also had RV/car wash area to knock off the road dirt.

Wi-Fi was typical campground fare–advertised as great, but good enough only for slow e-mail.

Warning that pet areas were full of both poison ivy and ticks, as they are located in the wooded areas around the edges of the park and not maintained.   That was really our only negative experience.  With a two-month stay, we extracted numerous ticks and battled poison ivy that if mowed down could have been avoided.  We finally gave up and took the dog to do her business around the bathhouse and laundry facilities.

FRIENDLINESS OF STAFF:  The staff was exceptionally friendly.  We were greeted with smiles and they were extremely helpful.  We receive monthly medications via Federal Express that need refrigerated.  They didn’t just call when the package had been delivered, they immediately brought it to our door.

We were also there during a 2:00 a.m. tornado warning.  When the sirens started going off, they campground staff made sure everyone was evacuated to safety in the garage under the camp office.  All of our neighbors were soaking wet and in their pajamas, but, thanks to the campground staff, we were all safe and sound until the warning passed.

WOULD WE STAY AGAIN:  If we visit the Branson area again, we would definitely stay at America’s Best.  It is centrally located to all of the tourist attractions and the natural getaways that the Branson area has to offer.

Things to do while in the Branson area:  Branson Scenic Railway, Big Cedar Lodge and Top of the Rock, Laura Ingalls Wilder Home and Museum, Rocco’s Pizza, and even a bit of Cheese Whiz.

America’s Best Campground is a fun place to call ‘home’ in Branson, Missouri.



  1. Lucky you! We’re trying to start rv-ing full time too! It isn’t easy to get into the good life. Have you tried any of the free campgrounds?

    1. The only free campgrounds we’ve stayed were a friend’s cattle ranch for a week. WiFi and cell service is a definite must since hubby is still working a corporate job from the road, so we usually stick to good cell coverage areas. Boondocking on BLM may have to wait for vacationing, although I would love to do that! The good thing about living this lifestyle is that everyone can find what works for them.

      1. Hmm. Might still want to check it out. Some of these places do have good cell coverage. They usually mention it in the listings on the site I go to. It’s I swear I don’t work for them! Lol I just know always camping at campgrounds can get horribly expensive. I think that’s what stops a lot of people from trying to rv full time. They don’t realize you can stay free some places, and not necessarily boondocking. I’m looking forward to living the life soon. ^_^ I believe my little ines will love it too. They hate being inside.

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