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The funniest thing happened the other day.

All great stories begin with a similar line.  We’ve had the opportunity to meet so many people this year, especially in Quartzsite and along our meanderings through Nevada and Arizona.  Most of them were planned meetups or impromptu fireside gatherings.

I have been following Laura and her husband, Steve, from The Wandering RVer, since we both began our journey into full-time RVing.  I love her writing style, the quirky adventures she enjoys, her down-to-earth sense of humor, and beautiful photographs.  We developed a friendship through our blogs.  I’ve read every article she’s written and hoped our paths would cross at some point.  It never seemed to work out, though.  If we were headed to Florida, they were traveling to Texas.  If we were driving to Texas, they were returning to Florida.  We were always on different routes and the timing was never in sync.

When they were making their way cross country from the Florida Keys to start their journey to Alaska, I was excited.  We were out west and planned to head east to Ohio at a slow pace.  There was a glimmer of hope we would cross paths.  We got close–we were in the Vegas area preparing for the long trek on I40 east after unplanned business was concluded.  They were headed to the west coast on I40 west.  Surely, we’d be able to meet somewhere, right?   Due to some mechanical issues, unknown departure times, and uncertain travel routes, it wasn’t going to happen.  It was disappointing to know we’d be close, but were going to miss meeting each other in person–again.  At least we’d be in touch through our blogs and be able to keep up on Instagram.

Our business in Vegas ended abruptly, so we made the decision to high-tail it out of there a few days early.  I made last-minute reservations at Sun Valley RV Park off I40, which was around 300 miles away (a relaxed travel day).  It had good projected cell coverage so Mike could work throughout the week and I could visit the nearby Petrified Forest National Park.

After a few hours’ drive, we pulled into the tiny campground and checked in.  The camp host escorted us to our site next to a motorhome which looked vaguely familiar.  A smiling woman next to us rounded the corner.  We looked at each other and recognition dawned.  She squealed, “I know you!”

“I know you, too!” I screeched, and we went running together for a hug (our embrace is described perfectly in A Strange Twist of Fate.)  Our husbands’ quizzical expressions confirmed we were loony birds, as they had no idea what was going on.

It was Laura, The Wandering RVer.   The fact we ended up at the same obscure campground was plain dumb luck.  The chances of being placed right next to each other was fate.  The new memories and deepening friendship we made over the next few nights around the campfire sharing conversation, laughter, delicious food, and wine was serendipity.

When it came time for Laura and Steve to depart, it was another sad goodbye.  She came bearing parting gifts–one of her famous homemade fire starters and delicious recipes (she made stuffed shells which were out-of-this-world yummy–the recipe is golden).   After prolonged goodbyes, they loaded up in Waldo (their RV), and off they drove toward wonderful adventures in Alaska.

I thought it would be difficult to make meaningful friends while traveling full time and never calling one place ‘home’ for long.  I was so wrong.  Through this blog I’ve met people who are very dear to me, developed friendships based on similar interests and lifestyle, and people we can depend on if we ever need advice, bounce ideas, share adventures, or simply say hello.  Some of my blog friends stay in one place and share their insights and humor on beautiful things around them, some are travelers like myself, some are poetic and talented story tellers and photographers.  It certainly is a special moment to meet them in person–even more amazing when it happens by chance.

Thank you serendipity.

I appreciate you, fate.

I’m also grateful for plain dumb luck.

An obligatory selfie to prove we were there.

Safe journeys, Steve and Laura.  You know I’ll be following your travels in Waldo.  I can’t wait for plain dumb luck to intersect our paths again.

Please head over to The Wandering RVer for Laura’s travel adventures in Waldo.  She has a particularly creative post in which she uses all of the unique town names in Texas to weave an entertaining story, A Texas Tale.

Have you had similar experiences?  If you have a post about it, please put the link in the comments below.


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  1. I smile every time I think about how many things had to happen just so for us to meet up. I am so grateful the stars aligned and dumb luck was on our side. Being blogging friends was nice but being “in person” friends is the best. You guys are awesome. I miss our nights by the fire and can’t wait until we can meet up again. We are now settled into our summer home in Moose Pass. Safe travels and happy campfire nights to you both! ~Laura

  2. OMG! I love this post! I shared it with Ryan. What are the odds of that happening!? I can’t wait for us to be full timers and be able to make friends with people who share our love for camping and traveling! How fun for you all!!! I am going to follow her blog now! Thanks for sharing this story… : )

  3. Your timing on this post, and Laura’s earlier this week, couldn’t be better. I have been writing about our experiences in San Diego, meeting up with old friends from our east coast life and new friends from our current life on the road. Like you, I wasn’t sure what to expect in the friends department once we started traveling, but we’ve been blown away by how many fantastic people we’ve met and become friends with while traveling. I think blogging is a fantastic way to make these connections and I am so glad to have met so many awesome people because of our blogs. We haven’t had an experience quite this random yet, but it honestly doesn’t surprise me that it could happen. The RV world is much smaller than we often think. Great story. I hope to meet you both at some point. Since you asked, here’s the link to my post today:

    1. I loved your post (thank you for posting your link here). We’ve made so many wonderful friends and know there are more out there yet to meet. Hopefully, our paths will cross one day soon. We would love to meet you!

    1. Thanks so much for the honor, Lana. I don’t usually participate in the blogger awards due to time constraints, but it means so very much you thought about Random Bits of Trial and Error! Thank you. Dawn

  4. I love love love serendipity! This was such a great example and I loved Laura’s account of it also! The RV community is so awesome!

  5. What a fun post Dawn!! Such a fun serendipitous story! So glad that you were able to get together and share that time. You live such an amazing life!! xox

  6. I absolutely love your story!! Isn’t life amazing? And RV living even more so?!? We’ve only been full time rv’ers since the end of October, 2017. Haven’t made any trips yet but we’ve met some awesome people living here in Little Thicket RV Park, in La Marque, Texas. Some will be life long friendships and some may not. Whatever life throws us, we’re ready! I look forward to reading and following your blog, Dawn!
    Jan Thompson, one half of the Rolling With Gypsy Rose team.
    Don’t give up on your dreams!

  7. This is an amazing story serendipity at it’s finest ! It’s a small world when fate steps in and definitely a stroke of good luck that you parked next to your friend ! I hopped on over to read her story, A Texas Tale, being from Texas I really liked it ! It was very creative and fun to read as I did recognize a lot of the cities in the story. Thank you for mentioning it !

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