DirecTV for the RV – Full-Time RV Life

We watch TV and movies everywhere we travel in our nomadic lifestyle.  Mike recently did an in-depth video on how we receive DirecTV service wherever we are parked.  See video below:



Here are links to products mentioned in the video:


Winegard Trav’ler Satellite DirecTV:  CLICK HERE.



DirecTV for RVs:  CLICK HERE.



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  2. We always travel with DirecTV. We are not full timers and bring one of the DVR receivers from home. We usually camp in public parks with lots of trees. My husband aims the dish manually and is really good at finding a signal. If there is no signal, we can watch shows we have recorded. on the DVR. It works for us.

    1. I love being able to record our favorite programs and watching them when it’s convenient for us (when it’s raining or late at night or when we just need some down time). Thanks for sharing your experience–sometimes the satellite antennae isn’t an option for everyone, and the manual dishes work just as well. Safe travels! Dawn

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