Chicago White Sox, Childhood Memories, and Time with Dad G

A recent Chicago White Sox game was a family affair.  Mike’s dad flew into Chicago from Austin, Texas, with some of Mike’s siblings for a brief visit to his hometown.  In typical RandomBitsRV style, we switched travel directions at the last minute to share in the fun.  One of the activities was a White Sox game.  While I don’t keep up with baseball nowadays, I have wonderful childhood memories of attending Cincinnati Reds games when baseball players were larger than life–Johnny Bench, Pete Rose, Joe Morgan, Tony Perez, Dave Concepcion, Ken Griffey, Sr., etc.  Experiencing the Chicago White Sox game being enjoyed by a whole row of family was a fabulous addition to the memory bank.


My nephew, Cory, took an amazing selfie of all the attendees.  Dad G, sister Jackie, brother Phil, nephew Cory, brother-in-law Scott, friend-who-is-family Mike C, and Mike and me.


A live baseball game encompasses all five senses.  The smells are wonderful with a mixture of hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts, and french fries.  The wet chill of a beer or pop/soda is refreshing.  Vendors yelling out their wares and the organ playing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame,” are all part of the sensory experience.   Add in a cool evening breeze, and it’s absolutely perfect.  My most favorite part of the night was glancing down the row and watching Dad G and other family members enjoying the game.


The weekend was busy with various activities.  There was a small family reunion with Dad G and two of his siblings along with other extended family.  It was a grand time hearing their combined memories and daring escapades from their youth.  There was so much joyous laughter.



The picture above is Mike’s dad.  I snapped it at a Polish restaurant where we shared a homemade meal rich in love and hereditary culture.  Spending the weekend listening to his childhood memories was priceless.   In Mike’s video below, Dad G visited his elementary school, homes where he grew up, and shared information about other people in the area.  It not only was a bonding family time, it’s a memory to last a lifetime.

I’m so blessed to be enfolded in this beautiful family through Mike.  It was an honor to share this special time with Dad G, and I’m so thankful they included me.


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  1. Mike’s dad looks wonderful. I am so glad you got to spend good quality time with the family.

  2. Baseball always makes for a fun day, Dawn. Being a Tigers fan, I’ve seen a lot of the White Sox. (Remember Disco Demolition Night?…that was against the Tigers:). And, oh…..the Big Red Machine. Those were the days. I actually caught a game at Crosley Field the last year it was open. Remember Bernie Carbo? He was from my hometown of Allen Park, Michigan. First at bat in the majors and he hit a home run. Great stuff!

  3. Dawn, you brought a tear to my eye this morning while reading this. Thank you and Mike for capturing this moment in time. Thank you! Love you two. Can’t wait to see you again.

  4. Dawn, thanks for sharing this. Although I wanted to be there, I did get some great time in with mom. Love you blog!!

  5. Now you’ve gone and made me homesick. Not for Indiana, but next door, Ohio. Last time we were home I did that same thing. Made the rounds of all the places I’d lived, and where other family members lived. I’ll probably never get back there now. I wish video taping had been a thing back then in 2000… This is such a lovely post, Dawn.

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