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Our stay in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, was a refreshing time of experiencing generous hospitality and genuine friendliness.  From the campground office staff to local restaurants and tourist attractions, it was pure southern hospitality every inch of the way.  We were greeted everywhere with welcoming smiles and the charming Cajun drawl, which made Louisiana a unique and colorful place to visit.

The personal connections we made there were priceless.  I had the long-awaited pleasure of meeting my cousin Connie and her husband, Lenny.   They invited me to lunch in Port Allen at a restaurant called Bergeron’s, where they served distinct Louisiana flare and flavor–boudin, cracklins, and everything Cajun.  It was delicious.  My conversation with Connie covered everything from our kids to life in general.  We compared photos of our families.  It was a relaxed and wonderful time, and I hope to be able to do it again for longer next time.  Thank you so much, Connie and Lenny, for the yummy lunch, exceptional company, and warm hugs.

I loved meeting Connie–long lost cousins!  Too bad we were so busy visiting we forgot to get Lenny in the photo.

Since we met our friend, Patrick from Paddy Wagon Travels, in Louisiana, we were introduced to his mother, Ms. Marion, and his sister and brother-in-law, Christina and Tim.  They opened their home to us on several occasions, and we had the pleasure of enjoying shrimp étouffée and authentic gumbo.  Now, what makes gumbo authentic?  It was made by Christina’s son-in-law, Mark, who has Cajun heritage.  It isn’t made with only ingredients that make it gumbo (anyone can prepare it), it’s made with the experience, passion, and fortitude of the Cajun lineage and all of those wonderful layers translate into the food.  We enjoyed our new-to-us family and felt right at home.  Thank you, Ms. Marion, Christina and Tim for the hospitality.  It was a pleasure meeting all of the members of your remarkable family.

Patrick and his Mom, who we nicknamed “Mama Wags” (Mama to the Paddy Wagon) while we visited.
Patrick and Christina.  She wore the RV shirt in honor of the visiting nomads.
Miss Grace appropriately stole the show–Christina and Tim’s granddaughter.  What a beautiful baby!
Aww.  Love you, Great Grandma!
Pre-dinner conversation followed by Mark’s amazing gumbo!

Mama Wags introduced us to a new game called Skip-Bo, which is a fun multi-player card game requiring a tiny bit of strategy and a lot of luck.


We played many games while laughing and exchanging light-hearted banter.  It’s always interesting to see how people play out their hands.  Mike plays with a laid-back attitude and comes up with quick little zinger moves.  Patrick is all-out competitive and is particular who he sits beside for strategic purposes.  Christina gets a smooth ‘I-gotcha’ smile on her face as she gets rid of her pile of cards.  But, Mama Wags–she maintains her sweet demeanor throughout.  She calmly plays out her hand with a little laugh here and there and silently goes out and takes the win.  She follows it with a silky, “I’m so sorry.”  But she isn’t.  Not one bit.  She won the majority of our games.  A video example is below, wait until the end…

We enjoyed our Louisiana stay and will definitely be back.  We made family while we were there.


Where we are now:  Jacksonville, Florida
Where we are going:  Unknown
Blog post location:  Breaux Bridge, Louisiana



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  1. I LOVE how you captured the essence of the south and our (wanna be southern) family! It was a pleasure spending time with you and SKIP BO isn’t the same without you and PaddyWagon!

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