A Creative Bottleneck In My Loopy Brain

What the heck is a creative bottleneck?  I didn’t invent the phrase, but it describes perfectly my current funk.  It’s really a thing.  While searching for official definitions, I came across the following interesting take on the word–it refers to production in business, but I equate it with what’s going on in my brain.

bottleneck is a point of congestion in a production system (such as an assembly line or a computer network) that occurs when workloads arrive too quickly for the production process to handle. The inefficiencies brought about by the bottleneck often create delays and higher production costs.  (Investopedia)

I’ve got complications and they aren’t the type to complain and moan about–they’re happy issues.  I’ve had a lot of experiences over the last three months which have kept me active socially, physically, and geographically.  They’ve been filled with time with friends and family and enjoying our full-time RV life.  The quandary is so many memories have been made with so little time to actually sit and write about them.  They are all trapped in the humongous fat-bottomed bottle of my mind fighting to get written about so they become real.  After all, did it really happen if I don’t post a million pictures and write a blog entry about them?  The problem is I’m totally discombobulated.

I’ll figure out how to regurgitate all the beautiful moments and begin one post at a time.  I’ll even use Mike’s analogy about how to eat an elephant (and I won’t have to worry because I’m not a vegetarian.)  If you’re curious about all the elephant stuff, read a very funny post about that subject here.

I apologize for the several posts to come because they won’t be in any logical order.  It’s the RANDOM in the title of my blog, which is a testament to the intricate and overlapping labyrinth in my mind.

Does anyone else have creative bottlenecks?  Am I the only one whose mind gets all clogged up and jumbles out of control?  How in the world do you deal?

I think I’m gonna shake the bottle and see which memory bubbles up first.


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  1. I completely understand. Happens to me all the time. I usually enjoy writing post, but I enjoy the time spent making the memories more! I should probably allow more “random” instead of trying so hard to keep it all in order. My other problem arises from working as well as playing. When work affects my mood, writing posts gets put on hold, after all, how can I write happy posts if I’m pissy at work? (A potential post about that at a later date!) Looking forward to reading all your memories as the bottleneck clears! HMMH!
    PS. Miss making some of those memories with you!!

    1. I miss making new memories with you, too! I’ve been working on making cards and I have all these writing ideas, but am procrastinating soooooo much! I’m looking forward to the “potential post.” I was wondering how that’s going. HMMH!

  2. I have that very same bottleneck syndrome only I’m not that creative. Love this blog, it says it all! Miss you my nomadic friend 😘😘

  3. Happens all the time. My Blog started as a journal and morphed into a combination journal and random thoughts and rants. I have gotten so far behind in my journaling this summer, that I may just leave the memories in my head and resume when we have more distinct travels to write about. I haven’t a clue how I would capture the experiences of the past few weeks in “Goldbergs on the Move” at http://goldberg-online.net

    1. I like the random thoughts and rants and have trouble keeping to a ‘theme’ on my blog. It’s just normal life for me (and probably you, too) that encompasses all sorts of life stuff people go through. I enjoy your blog and all the random is right up my alley!

  4. Yup. All the time! I like your idea of shaking the bottle 🙂 I keep a log book where I jot down a line about an experience for later write up. It works well with photos that can fill in the memory blanks. It’s still hard to catch up though. So much to see and do…

  5. If you shake your bottle, I’ll bet tons of lovely things will come out.

    I don’t do well when postponing posts. Too much gets lost, so I write as things happen. That means I lose sleep to write, especially if we have company. Live people always come before blogging.

    1. I need to have your kind of discipline. I know I’m losing a lot of memories by my inability to sit down, concentrate, and get them all down in writing. I’m so glad you write as things happen–I love what goes on in your corner of the world.

      1. If I waited to write, I’d never type another post. There are times when it is difficult to write and live at the same time, which must be what is happening to you.

        I’m curious. Where do you sit to write? Is the RV parked when you get on the computer, or do you write from the passenger seat while moving?

  6. Oh yes! What project do I tackle next? I want to work on our personal scrapbooks but I have so many ideas for things to make for the Etsy shop and the upcoming Holiday season that I just sometimes sit in front of the computer too long instead of getting out the supplies and starting something. I just started pulling things together for the golf album I make for our annual trip in September. Gotta get last years pictures in before this year happens! Good luck with your bottleneck.

    1. I just need to have some discipline and get it done. I’m doing some card making myself lately and the whole I-can-only-do-one-thing-at-a-time bit is getting in my way! I hope you’re having a grand time creating–you’re incredibly wonderful at it!

  7. I totally get it. I have all of these topical articles I want to write about this subject or that, but I also try to keep reasonably up to date with the travel stories, and it takes me so long to write these things, and we’re always so busy running around doing things, or planning our future travels, it just never gets done… so yeah… I get it. Like others have said though, I’m sure whatever you write about, whenever you get around to writing it, will be fun to read. I look forward to catching up on the chaos!

    1. Beautiful chaos it is! I’m afraid my brain is getting too old and if I don’t get it all down, I will totally forget everything. I’m still all clogged up, but will work through it. I love your posts and enjoy every single one of them!!!!!

  8. Thank you for this post!
    Creative bottleneck- awesome term to describe the thought process of an INFP personality. I can’t keep up with how fast my mind tosses around subjects so I save it as a draft to my blog for later. Being random is fun because you can “shake the bottle” as you so eloquently put it.

  9. You have a way of describing the problems we all have at different stages of our life. I am looking forward to your next posts no matter how jumbled they are

  10. Thank you, Dawn, for giving a name to the malady that hit me several months ago and won’t let go. You’re definitely not alone 🙂 I have two nonfiction books in the works plus a new entry in my Rollin RV Mystery series that keeps starting and stalling, two blogs, long letters to my 94 year-old mother (with photos, which are what takes the most time), and living a full life with my sweetheart/hubby. Awhile back I decided to just let it roll, do what I can when I can, and celebrate every day we’re happy and healthy and able to continue exploring the country. It’s all good, right?!?!

  11. I am suffering the same problem, Dawn, the last few months particularly. I didn’t fight it too hard, mostly let the time take its course. We’re now in new places and I’m sure that’ll give me some inspiration to write.

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